I am a Brighton-based composer, song writer and producer, specialising in commercial tracks and orchestral scores.

I studied commercial song writing at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where I formed a pop rock band, MiMi Soya. During my time as the group’s lead song writer and guitarist, I performed at Wembley Stadium in front of 30,000 people and completed several European tours with the band.

My experiences with MiMi Soya enhanced my writing skills and sharpened my ability to create a successful track, particularly through my time spent in studios working with record labels and world-class producers.

I developed strong production skills, and went on to deliver sound tracks for American TV shows, including America’s Next Top Model and Million Dollar Decorators.

My eclectic style means I collaborate with a range of clients to help fulfil their audio requirements, such as the BBC, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Sony.

I continue to write pop songs – I have a particular interest in the Asian music scene, which I’ve always found alluring and imaginative, and I frequently write for Japanese and Korean artists.

I am driven by a strong work ethic, a life-long fascination with music and copious amounts of black coffee.